Thumbelina – Parmak Kız İngilizce Masalı


Once upon a time, there was a lady and she lived by herself.
She always wanted a daughter since she was a little girl herself.
One bright Morning,
She was matering the plants and crying,
Thinking if she had a little girl with whom she could play with.
A fairy Godmother appeared in front of her.
– What happened my child? Why are you crying?
– I have set my heart upon having little girl. Please could you tell me where I can find one? I’m helpless.
– Oh, Don’t worry! That can be easily managed.
Fairy Godmother with her magical powers brought forward a seed in front of her.
– My child, you see. This in not an ordinary seed that grows in farms. This seed needs lots of love and warmth. Put it into a flower-pot and see what will happen and don’t forget to give it enough sunlight.
– Oh! Thank you Godmother. You are so generous.
She planted the seed in the pot. She kept the pot in front of the window for enough sunlight. It quickly grew into a finee large flower which looked very much like a tulip. The woman nourished it with love and watered it each day.
The woman nourished it with love and watered it each day.
One day she softly kissed its half-shut petals. And as though by magic, the flower opened in full blossom.
Inside sat a very delicate and graceful little maiden girl.
– She’s my child, my daughter. I’m call her Thumbelina. She is not bigger than the size of my thumb. I’m your mother, child and your name is Thumbelina.
The flower had given her the daughter that she had dreamed of.
She had a walnut shell that served as her cradle.
Violet petals for her mattress and she pulled up a rose petal as her blanket.
During the day, she played in a tulip petal boat floating on a plate of water and rowed herself from side to side with two oars made of white horse-hair.
It really was a very pretty sight.
One night.
She lay fast asleep in her walnut shell.
A large frog hopped through a hole in the window pane.
-How pretty she is! She’d make the perfect bride for my own dear son.
And she took up the walnut-shell in which little tiny lay asleep and put Thumbelina on a water lily leaf in the middle of the pond.
We have placed her on a lily leaf. She will never be able to escape us now.
Left all alone on the green leaf, Thumbelina sat down and cried. She didn’t want to have the frog’s horrible son for her husband.
– No way am I marrying you!
– Yo can’t say that to me.
On the other hand, mother tried to find Thumbelina in every corner of the house but she couldn’t find her. There was a shoal of fishes who swam in the water beneath her. They had seen the frog and heard their conversation. They felt very sorry so they decided to help her.
Meanwhile the frog and her son were busy making the wedding plans.
The fishes gathered around the green stem and nibbled it with their teeth. The Leaf separated from the stem and Thumbelina started floating.
– Thank you so much. You guys are really kind.
Thumbelina went away, far far away where the frogs could not find her. Thumbelina sailed past many a place where the little birds saw her they sang:
– What a pretty girl!
As darkness grew, she wrapped herself with the leaf and slept.
But the next morning, she woke up at a place where the sun struck the water and it looked like shining gold. She was heading towards the end of the stream. Just then, a big bug flew by.
– What a beautiful girl she is! I must save her.
Immediately he fastened his claws around her and took her away to a far far place:
– Where are you taking me, Mr. Bug?
Mr. Bug:
– I’m taking you to my house.
After a while when they reached the bugs house, All the other bugs who lived in the tree came to see who had come.
Mr. Bug:
– Friends, look at this pretty girl. I am going to marry her.
– She has only two legs. What a miserable sight this is! Look at that. She has two hands. How shamefull! She looks like a human being. How ugly she is!

Mr. Bug came to agree with them and finally in anger left her somewhere deep in the woods. The winters approached. Snow began to fall and the poor girl shivered with cold. It was terribly cold for her. She walked and walked finding food and shelter. No sooner did she come across a little cottage. She went to the huge door of the cottage and knocked. Out came a field mouse who lived in the cottage.

– Who are you, poor little thing?
– I’m lost in woods. I’m feeling very cold and have nothing to eat. Could you help me?
– I live alone here! You can come into my house and share my dinner. You will feel warm here but before that may I know your name?
– I am Thumbelina.

Thumbelina came inside. The cottage was warm and cozy with a whole store-room of grain and a kitchen with a pantry.
– Thank you for sharing food and giving me a warm place to stay.

– You can stay with me all winter.
– Mrs. mouse , you are really kind.
The mouse was so fascinated by Thumbelina’s beauty that she wanted her to stay with her forever.
– It’s weekend so we shall have a visitor today. Once every week my neighbor comes to see me.
Soon the bell rang and there appeared a mole. He paid them a visit in his black velvet coat. The mole heard her voice and fell in love with her sweet voice. He decided to marry her. So he went to the mouse and said.

– I shall give you all my food and my house, only if you get me married to this pretty girl.
Mrs. Mouse couldn’t say no to the rich Mole.

Alright, I shall start the preparations then.
– Yes.
Thumbelina dint want to marry the mole. So the next morning, she decided to run away. While wandering in the woods, she came upon an injured sparrow lying in the forest.

– The poor bird must certainly have died of the cold.
As she went closer, she saw the sparrow was alive. He was just injured.
– Are you okay, dear sparrow? Oh No!! It’s bleeding.
Thumbelina decided to help the little bird and go some bangades and medicine for the sparrow.

– Don’t worry, Mrs. Sparrow. You will be alright now.
The little sparrow could fly just as she applied bandages.
– Good-bye. You pretty little bird.
– Thank you, pretty little child.
I shall never forget this. What help can I be of to you?
Soon she saw the mouse and the mole approaching and calling out her name.

– Oh Thumbelina, where are you?
As Thumbelina heard their voice she told the sparrow.
– The mouse wants me to get marry to Mr. Mole. Please could you take me away somewhere far from them? I don’t want to marry the mole.

– I have a plan. Come on, climb on my back quickly.
– Bye, Mrb. Mouse, Thank you for everything. I love you and I shall never forget this.
The mole and mouse were startled as they saw Thumbelina flying away. The sparrow took her to a flowerland where there were all types of flowers and little birds who would sing.

– This is just so beautiful. What’s it called?
– It’s called The Flowerland and its time I leave.
– Thank you Ms. Sparrow. You are the best.
Thumbelina was very happy.
– This is my home. These flowers smell so good. The birds sing so softly.

No sooner did she remember her real home. How her mother grew her up with her love. She left very sad and wanted to go home now. But suddenly, there appeared the king of Flowerland. He saw Thumbelina and fell in love with her.

– I’m the king of flowerland and you are the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Will you mary me and be my wife? I will make you the queen of flowerland.
Thumbelina thought for a minute. Here indeed was a different sort of husband from the froggy’s son, Mr. bug and the mole with his black velvet coat.

– Yes, only if you take me back to my mother and we three will live happily there.
He agreed and brought Thumbelina a present.

The best gift of all was a pair of wings that had belonged to a large silver fly. When these were made fast to her back, she too could fly from flower to flower. After the marriage, The King and Thumbelina flew away and found the mother’s home. The mother was really happy to see her back.

– Oh Thumbelina, you don’t know how happy I am to get you back. I will never let you go away from me now.
– I will never leave you mother.
Mother welcomed both of them and they lived happily ever after.


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    Serdar Yıldırım

    (Nisan 24, 2018 - 9:36 am)


    A very big place was reserved for giraffes in the zoo which was in Gülhane Park. There lived a mother and a father giraffe with their two children. They were walking with a swaying movement all day long and the visitors were watching them. The mother and the father giraffes had been living in that place for a very long time so that they got used to living there and they didn’t complain about it, but their children were bored and they always asked their father: ‘ How long are we going to live here? When are you going to take us to the places that you have told us in the fairy tales?’.

    One day one of his children asked him, ‘Daddy, how did we come here? Who took us here?’.

    Then the father giraffe decided to tell his children the story of their grandfather who lived very far away from there so that they could be able to understand how they ended up in that place.

    And he started:

    ‘All the giraffes are very tall and have long necks but your grandfather was very short when he was born. As the years passed away he become older but he could not get taller and as he got older the desire to be a star in a circus grew more and more in his heart. He did not want to live in that place, and being an ordinary giraffe was not proper for him. So he started to organize shows in the wood where he lived to achieve his goal. All the animals living in that wood were interested in his shows and watched his imitations of different animals happily.

    One day hunters came to that wood. They were there to catch some animals and take them to a zoo. While they were watching around with their binoculars on a hill, they saw the squad giraffe making his show. When they saw his admirable acting and excellent show they thought that he was a marvellous juggler so they decided to catch him. After the show they started to follow him secretly. The squad giraffe was not surprised because he knew that to be successful there were some difficulties that he had to struggle with. He thought in details about what he should do to dispose of those hunters in and made a very brilliant plan.

    He knew that if he did something without planning it he would have some difficulties and would be caught by the hunters easily. It was impossible to understand what the hunters’ intention was and how they were planning to catch him.

    The next day the hunters pinched him near a reed bed. While the hunters were moving ahead they were so happy because they were sure of catching him as there was nowhere for him to run away. When they found out that he disappeared, they could not believe their eyes. They realized that the footprints of the squad giraffe disappeared near the reed bed. In fact this was a part of the giraffe’s plan. He escaped from there by getting on a trunk of a tree which he had hidden there the day before. The following day he could hear the hunters saying that if he was caught, he was going to be taken to a zoo. After hearing this conversation he became so happy that he appeared jigging up and down on his four feet. Then he howled like a wolf and roared like a lion. The hunters were shocked when they saw him doing such things and behaving like a fool. After that the squad giraffe started doing all the tricks that he knew one after another and finished his show. The hunters liked his show very much so that they applauded him.

    When he was taken to the zoo, he started living here where we live now. But he continued making his shows in his new home. In the meantime my mother and he fell in love. After a time I was born. When I was a little giraffe I remember that a lot of people were coming here to see him and to watch his shows. He was making his shows all day long without getting tired. By the way an international circus used to come here on certain dates of each year. Once while the circus was being established here the owner of it started walking around the zoo. When he saw the crowd he what was happening there so he smuggled into the crowd. After watching the squad giraffe making his show he understood that he was very talented and could become a world-famous star so he gave him lots of money to transfer him to his circus. The squad giraffe put this opportunity into good use and after a few rehearsals he appeared on the stage. He was so successful that the number of people who came to the circus increased suddenly.

    The circus used to stay for ten days wherever it was established and there used to be only one show during the day. After the small giraffe started working there this changed and four or five shows a day were being made and that year the circus stayed in the zoo for a month.

    The next year when the circus came here my father visited us. He was here to see my mother and me and his friends. We were very happy.

    We were together for about two hours. He told us that he had been to a lot of countries making shows and attracted attention of everybody. He wanted to become a star in a circus and he did his best for this and finally he achieved his goal. He was so happy. Did you understand how we came here to this place?’
    ‘Yes, daddy we did. We got it very well’, the children replied all together and they looked at each other smiling.

    There is an undeniable truth that there is nothing which can not be done if you want to do it so much. Nothing or nobody can stop you. You might have some dreams of your own or you would like to be as successful as somebody you admire there is nothing to stop you so you should go for it. The little giraffes followed their grandfather’s footsteps and became very successful circus stars. If you look at the sky very carefully at night you can see them blinking you.

    Serdar Yıldırım

    (Nisan 24, 2018 - 9:38 am)

    The lion, king of woods, didn’t have a son to continue his family and kingdom so that he was very unhappy. If he had a son, his son would grow up in a few years time and walk around in the woods throwing his mane into the air. When he roared to keep the security of the woods all the criminals or the ones who were getting ready to commit a crime would look for a place to hide as they got frightened of his voice and his power. Why didn’t he have a son to leave his crown and kingdom? He didn’t even have a single relative or a child of a relative to whom he might teach how to be a king or manage the woods and who can be the king after he get older. The king must be noble and aristocrat. It wasn’t easy to be a king. Anybody who wants to be a king couldn’t manage the woods. He should have noble descendants. If the king made an ordinary lion the king there would be some problems because that lion might be unable to manage all the animals that lived in his kingdom which might cause a chaos and a rebellion would break up and this might result in death of lots of animals.

    The king of the woods thought that he should leave his kingdom and his crown to a lion which was from his family otherwise he would not be relaxed. So that he decided to check out his family tree once more much more carefully. He agreed on controlling every detail about his father, his grandfather and his other relatives in details. I must find a lion that is noble.

    He made lots of researches for a very long time and as a result he found out some new information about his family. Four generations ago when the king left his kingdom to his elder son the younger one got really upset and that he abandoned the kingdom. While searching for some information about his family he learned that this lion started to live in a very far away wood which was called Grandr. He started a new life which was very simple there. He couldn’t find any other information about what had happened to that lion afterwards. The king invited the fox to his palace and told him about all those things. Then the king wanted the fox to make an investigation if he could find any of his relatives
    in that woods and also he ordered him to bring the youngest and talented one with him to the king’s palace. The fox wasn’t going to tell anyone about his journey to any other animals otherwise it was going to be killed.

    When the fox reached the Grandr woods he saw a small group of people who were listening to a small lion playing the guitar. The fox was really surprised because he had never seen a lion playing the guitar before. And the lion was playing it very well. He wanted to see the lion’s performance and listen to him from a nearer place so that he walked along through the crowds and took a seat at the first row. Now he could hear the sound of the guitar much better. He listened to the lion playing his guitar for a while and as a result he thought that it was such a talented lion. He wanted to listen to the lion’s concert till the morning but it was impossible because when it got dark the lion ended his concert and thanked to those who were listening to his concert. The fox was really impressed and it was the best performance he had ever seen and listened to. 

    The next day the fox started his investigation to find out something about what had happened to the youngest son of the king that had left his homeland many years ago. He talked to each of the animals and asked them if they knew anything about that lion and what might have happened to him, if he had any sons or if he died alone without having a family and children of his own but he couldn’t find the answers of these questions because none of the animals that he talked to didn’t gave him a clear explanation. They all told him that they didn’t know anything about that lion and his story.

    The fox’s investigation took ten days and in the end a very old lion confessed that he knew something about the lion that he was trying to get some information about. There was only one lion that survived and all the others had died and that was the lion playing the guitar when he first arrived in those woods. It wasn’t very difficult to find that lion for the fox. He was again giving a concert at the same place. When the concert ended the fox went beside the lion and told him that he was sent there by the king of the woods and that the king had heard about that talented lion so that invited him to give a concert in his palace. The lion accepted the king’s invitation and set off his journey with the fox to go to the palace.

    When they arrived at the palace the fox firstly showed the lion his room and then went to talk to the king about what had happened in details. Fortunately a lion that was noble and coming from the royal family had been found. What is more it was really talented. But his being able to play the guitar surprised the kind and he also thought that it was very strange for a lion to play the guitar. 

    After having dinner in the dining room of the palace the lion started his concert. All the animals that were listening to his concert in the palace were fascinated. Everybody thought that he had supernatural powers as if a magical hand was playing the guitar and sometimes the lion was also singing while playing his guitar and that was really unbelievable.

    Day after day as the king got to know the lion he started to love him much more. He was noble, honoured, well informed besides he was respectful and cultured. Moreover he was the king’s cousin. What else would be expected from a lion that was going to be the king? The king decided to leave his kingdom to this lion. But the king couldn’t find a way to explain this situation to him. It was very difficult for the king to do this. The days were passing by but the king couldn’t talk to the lion about his intention. Fortunately he could find the courage at himself to talk to the lion all about. And he told him every detail.

    ‘Here is the family tree and these are the names or our grandparents that were the kings before. When my grandfather was requested as a king after his father, your grandfather left the palace and moved to Grandr woods. And you are the only one who survives of his descendants. I mean you are my cousin and you are the only one who will be the king after I die’.

    The lion wasn’t surprised when he heard what the king had told him. He had listened to those stories from his father many times. He told the king that he had known everything. The king congratulated the lion because of his honesty. He might have pretended as if he didn’t know anything but he didn’t do so. As a result the king was so honoured because of having a cousin like him and he was very pleased that he could find the right lion to leave his kingdom. 

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